Al Batterjee History

Batterjee Ice Cream & Juice Factory is one of the largest factories, established since 1982 and is characterized by its distinctive brand that is placed on all its products which have been accepted and popular in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf market, Middle East countries, Africa and Europe.
The Batterjee Ice Cream and Juice Factory produces many varieties of juice in different flavors as well as all types of ice cream.
The factory is located in the heart of the industrial city in Jeddah and an area of ​​more than 9000 m 2. The factory also produces honey, spices, coffee and biscuits.
In 1993, Jumbo products were classified as one of the largest exporters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to various countries of the world.
The factory also distributes its products to all parts of the Kingdom through 11 main branches covering all the neighboring governorates and villages, serving more than 20,000 customers in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf region, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.The factory has also been ISO 22000 certified.In addition to our other factory on October 6 in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Al Batterjee Ice Cream and Juice Factory

The Batterjee Jumbo ice cream and Juice factory is one of the largest and longest established division of the group. The distinctive elephant motif has been used in packing and promotion to great effect to create a popular and well known brand throughout Saudi Arabia, as well as GCC and other Middle Eastern countries. The Batterjee ice cream and Juice plant also producer range of refreshing drinks, these include fruit juices in variety of flavor such as a apple, Orange, mango, grapes as well as colas and other carbonated drinks.

The factory, located in the heart of industrial city in Jeddah, occupies approximately 9000 square meter and makes use of the latest production technology. Ice cream and juices are manufactured with modern equipment from Hoyer of Denmark and Tetra pack of Sweden. Chocolate spread and ice cream ripples are produced with equipment from a well-established British company. Fully automated lines have been installed to produce a new range of products, including crispy choc ices. The move has capitalized on the growing demand for ice cream in the region.

So successful is the jumbo brand that approval was obtained from the US Army in 1991 for the supply of ice cream and juice. In a research survey conducted by “search” during 1993 1995,  the company was listed as one the top exporters. Technical management is by qualified Danish personnel are distributed throughout the kingdom from depots situated in 13 major cities,  all the customers in KSA, in addition to appointed Agents, in GCC, Middle East and Africa. All branches depots are computerized through a network centrally controlled from Jeddah.


We aspire to offer a product with high quality and affordable price.
Be present in all Arab and Islamic countries.


Our ambition is to reach every selling point across the Kingdom.
24/7 customer service.
Take care of customer satisfaction.

Batterjee Ice Cream & Juice Factory